Big Island Papayas

Hawaii papayaCertified by our growers in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii, these beauties come in 10 lb. boxes. Typically 8-10 papayas per box.
Pricing starts at $87.95 for one, 10lb. box.
U.S. FedEx Shipping included.

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1 LB bag Kona pure premium coffee beans ($47.00)
Husked Maui Coconut ($10.00)
1.5 LB bag Maui raw sugar ($9.00)
1 jar Coconut syrup ($10.00)
1 jar Guava Jelly ($7.00)
1 jar Lilikoi Jelly ($7.00)
1 8 oz box Hawaiian Host Chocolate Macs ($7.25)
1 8 oz box Maui Caramacs ($5.75)

$87.95 for one, 10lb. box.