Boxed breakfast $13.75 per piece

Free delivery on more than 12 breakfasts anywhere in West, Central or South Maui.


  • Bagel and cream cheese (on the side)
  • Fruit salad or Pineapple chunks
  • Hard boiled egg (s&p)
  • Juice
  • Bottle water

Boxed Lunch $19.95 per piece

Great for fishing charters, road rallies, Hana excursions.
Delivery available to most areas on Maui.

  • All the fixings for a large deli style sandwich. Slices of wheat bread, fresh tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, mayo & mustard. All produce locally grown.
  • Your choice of Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef etc.
  • Your choice of 2 pkgs Chocolate Macadamia Nut candy OR Maui Gold Pineapple chunks
  • Package of Potato Chips (usually Maui Style).
  • 1 whole fruit (apple or orange)
  • 2 ea MacNut Cookwees
  • 1 can soda or juice
  • Substitutions available

Please give us ample notice, preferably with a service order.

Deluxe Fruit Platters (2 sizes)

Deluxe Veggie Platters

Finger Sandwich Trays

Buffet-Style Sandwich Trays with All the Fixings

Suggested notice time:

  • < 12 pieces: 24 hours*
  • 12-50 pieces: 48 hours
  • 50-100 pieces: 72 hours
  • >100 pieces: please call
    * Service fee applies for less than 12 pieces ($10.00 for breakfast, $15.00 lunch)

There will be a charge for delivering non “Take Home Maui” items (i.e. beer, etc) of $5.00.

A deposit may be required for 50 or more lunches.

Deli Style catering also available. Fruit platters, vegetable crudités platters, meat & cheese platters.