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Fresh Maui Gold® Pineapples




The volcanic black sands at Punaluʻu. The soft blue of a post-storm Lahaina sky. The brilliant reds of a West Maui sunset. The colours of Hawaii remind locals and visitors alike they are in a place so beautiful Mark Twain deemed it the “loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.”

The perfect white and yellow of a sliced Maui Gold® Pineapple brings the sunshine of those island beaches to your own home. But the taste will bring you to its wilds. Smooth texture, low acidity and a taste perfectly balanced between sweet and lush, one bite will have you hearing the distant crash of surf, or feeling the gentle breath of a warm breeze.

Maui Gold® Pineapples: The color of summer, the taste of paradise.

  • Hybrid, low acid pineapple
  • Grown in Upcountry Maui on the slopes of Haleakala
  • Vine ripened
  • Packed with anti-oxidants and vitamin C
  • Contains Bromelain: an enzyme that reduces inflammation
  • Unique, "one of a kind" cross pollinated pineapple
  • 18-months to grow a Maui Gold®
  • Hand picked at the optimal stage of ripeness

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