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Maui Sweet Onions




Grown in the shadows of Haleakala, a long-dormant volcano on the island of Maui, Maui Sweet Onions are among the sweetest in the world. Known for their smooth, mild flavor and juicy texture, this versatile vegetable is used by professional chefs and home cooks alike for roasting, grilling, frying and much more.

Some believe it’s the volcanic soil that gives these onions their distinctive flavor, but we prefer to think it’s the sun. According to the legend, the demigod Māui’s grandmother lived in Haleakala, where she helped him capture the sun so they could slow its journey across the sky—just to make the Hawaiian days last a little bit longer.

  • One of sweetest onions in the world
  • Grown on the upper slopes of Maui’s dormant volcano, Haleakala
  • Mild with a sweet, nutty flavor
  • 7-9 medium onions: 5lbs
  • 15-17 medium size onions: 10 lbs

Shipped in 5 lb. bags, pricing is season-dependent and starts at $69.95, FedEx Two-Day Shipping included.

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